Trident Rubber Medicine Ball with Rope 2kg/3kg/4kg/5kg

Trident Rubber Medicine Ball with Rope 2kg/3kg/4kg/5kg
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Trident  Medicine ball with rope Develop your rotational strength and power with this functional training tool that combines a medicine ball with a rope handle. The rope-ball combination allows you to perform quick rotational movements in a variety of patterns and planes of movement. The construction of the ball allows it to rebound, so it is ideal for swinging and chopping motions.


    Hollow synthetic rubber construction
    Rope is permanently attached to ball
    Washers on each side of the ball ensures that the rope does not slide
    Handle attachment offers several grip options
    Available in 4 different weight options
    Color coded by weight
    Colors may vary
    Rope length: 36"
    Diameter varies depending on ball weight

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