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  • The major advantage of running with the Power Chute is that you have the ability to work both resistance and overspeed training during the same run. In the initial part of the run the Power Chute creates a drag effect, which makes it a resistance type of training; you are running against the resistance of the inflated Power Chute. During the resistance phase stride length is developed, a critical component of running speed. During the run the Power Chute can be released, letting the Power Chute drop to the ground. This causes a drastic “change” of running speed that will allow the athlete to run faster than normal. This overspeed phase of the run will improve stride frequency, another key elements of running speed.
  • The Power Chute is available in two sizes to accommodate users of all ages and skill levels. By varying the size of the Power Chute, the distance of the run and the direction of the run, you can add remendous variety to your workout and maximize your results.
  • You can run forward, backward, sideways and change direction while using the Power Chute. This makes it very versatile and adaptable to any sport specific movement.
  • The Power Chute is the only running device that can accomplish overspeed training without the use of a training partner. Athletes can train alone, whenever they want, without having to schedule a training partner.
  • Athletes enjoy training with the Power Chute. This type of training is very motivational, making athletes give superior effort for better performance

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